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Bless the Lord

Damien Parrott here. Author of the bestselling book “5 deadly church mistakes every Christian must avoid”. I help believers live with potency, purpose and power so they can take their walk with Christ from a passive weekly observer to an aggressive daily participant in the plan of God.

(Rev 3:20)  Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

This is the most scathing condemnation that a church could receive from Jesus Christ. It’s shocking, isn’t it? And the worst part is that most people completely overlooked what Christ said. Its common use is as an overlay to a stirring organ track.

Misapplied by many preachers as an altar call. But, what we have are the words of Christ saying: he is not in your church, rather he is on the outside knocking.

As Sunday rolls around, ask yourself this question. “What if Jesus was not in your Sunday service, would you still go,”?

Worse yet, What if he said he had never been?

What if he said he wanted to go, but he was not welcome? What would your response be?

As uncomfortable as these questions maybe this is the state of the modern church. Spiritually dead and lifeless, yet propped up by programs, pop psychology and full of things God hates.

But it’s not too late, and you can fight back.

You can prevent this diabolical downward spiral. You can protect yourself and your family from the minefield that we commonly call the “church.”

Many have elevated the outward visible church to the position of God. And while it is true that the true church is the body of Christ, it should go without saying that the body can never supersede its head.

Judgment must begin in the household of faith, and if we judge ourselves now, there will be no need for correction later. But if we fail to examine ourselves as well as those around us who called themselves “Christians,” then we are in grave error.

The world is changing, and you can no longer continue to operate on misguided traditions and allegiances. In his last and final letter to the church as a whole, the statement of Christ is evident. I’m not talking to them, and I’m talking to you. Will you open the door and hear his voice?

The rich spiritual inheritance that many of us have enjoyed has been squandered and spent. This country founded on Judeo-Christian principles, its people have turned their back on God. Reading the Bible is outlawed, prayer in the name of Jesus is no longer tolerated. And while this may be shocking in the secular world in which we live, the catalyst for this book is not the secular rather the holy.

The outward visible church has turned his back on God and reflected both the culture and theology of the world around us.

The church as we know it is dead.

While chaos engulfs us, and destruction nips at the foundations we have built our lives on. There is also a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity to return to the basics of our faith. An opportunity to develop your skills to engage the lost and dying around you. An opportunity to make the huge leap from someone who “goes,” to church, to someone who “is,” the church.

I grew up on the pews of the first Baptist Tabernacle. I saw the mothers of the church transition from this life into the next. To be replaced by illegitimate children and their mothers who desperately ran to the church house seeking refuge.

The soul-stirring gospel music that has no equal, to the imprinted fans donated by the local neighborhood funeral home.

I know about church life.

For all the fun memories and lifelong relationships which began on those wooden pews, something was missing.

The book of Acts is littered with transformed lives, supernatural acts of courage, and groups of people throughout the known world who turn the world upside down. While I had fond memories when I lacked was a transformed life. What I lacked was changed mind.

And while it is possible that my personal experiences are a result of my failures or inadequacies, my research has shown that is not the case. But change and transformation are not only possible, but you can be the catalyst for change. While the road will be difficult, with many adversaries, you can rest assured that victory is yours.

The time has come for you to explode out of mediocrity in the tiny box of “church attendance,” and take your spot among those who turned the world upside down.

You can grow in your faith, and develop the skills to effectively make disciples. With the right training.

Start by getting your free copy of my bestselling book” 5 deadly church mistakes every Christian must avoid”

So until the next time fight courageously, take action, and accomplish the impossible with God.


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