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3 Biggest Church Barriers That Block Men

Damien Parrott here. Author of the bestselling book “5 deadly church mistakes every Christian must avoid”. I help serious followers of Christ identify and walk in their purpose in under 45 days so they can transition from “going,” to church and start “Be-ing,” the church. Do you know the three biggest church barriers that block men? If your a Christian man, who wants to bypass these barriers and push on to victory then watch this video.


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Believing the church is irrelevant is an obvious barrier. Times have changed, and everything around you is changing. But the real question is should the church change along with culture, or does it transcend the fashions of our modern times? I mean, what does stained-glass, organs, or any of that have anything to do with you… The problem here is that the institutional church has drifted so far off track it has become irrelevant. But once you understand the true church is not the same as the outward visible church, then you will see how relevant it is to your life. You get around this barrier by doing your due diligence. There are 83,000 Christian denominations, and none come with a warning label on the door. “False doctrine inside”. But there are both warning signs and directions inside of the Bible. If you’ve already believed the church is irrelevant, this is how you get going again. Understand that you are in the fight for your life. But the warfare is so subtle that if you are not aware, you may not even realize what is going on. And while this is a spiritual war, this battle is fought in your mind. And that leads to the next barrier.
This is a barrier because God’s Word makes sense. But the church has become a place for Christian slogans and Bible-based one-liners, That are used to distinguish the super spiritual from the wretched uninitiated. Bible Babel can stop you because it doesn’t communicate truth. And it will leave you confused and discouraged. You get around this by asking questions. My favorite is “can you show me that in the Bible?”, Or “what does that mean?”. Caution: I want to warn you, this will be the fastest way to find out the spiritual maturity of the person you ask.
This is a problem because you don’t want to follow Mr. Rogers into combat. The war is has already begun and you must trained for combat, not a tea party. This is a problem because many people hold an effeminate Sunday school view of Christ. And that’s what they communicate in their conduct. You get around this by discovering there is more to Christ than the weak, emaciated, Sunday school Jesus you’ve had shoved down your throat. And if you’ve already run headlong into this roadblock, I challenge you to search for courageous leadership, and you will find it. Now you know the top three church barriers Christian men face, and how to bypass them (or build momentum again if you’ve already run head long into at least one of them), I like to challenge you to stop wasting time and jumpstart your success, by getting a FREE copy of my best-selling book “5 Deadly Church Mistakes Every Christian Must Avoid” Don’t delay and take action. Until the next time remember fight courageously, take action, and accomplish the impossible with God.

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