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3 Church Fears That Hold Most Christians Back

If you’re Christian, who wants to conquer the 3 Church Fears That Hold Most Christians Back and move forward faster to success, read this immediately. Together we’ll uncover the fears and how to overcome them inside this article.

Fear Number One: I Can’t Understand The Bible

This fear may be valid however just like any new skill set when you begin you won’t know what you’re doing.  But with proper training and a little bit of practice, you’ll begin to overcome this fear in a very short time. However, I have observed that people will go to church for years, and years and never gain any proficiency in the word of God. A fear of not understand the Bible will stop you dead in your tracks if you allow it to. But this fear is not insurmountable, by reading your Bible for yourself and putting yourself in position to be taught the word of God by someone who has time and will make time to answer your individual question this fear will be a thing of the past.

Fear Number Two: They’re All Hypocrites

This fear shows up when you don’t go to church because you believe that everyone in the church is a hypocrite.  They say one thing but do something else.  Well, I both good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news.  I’ll be the first to admit that statement may be largely accurate.  Hypocrisy is running rampant in what many of us associate with the church. The fear that they are all hypocrites stops Christians because it keeps you in a holding pattern.  You won’t move forward, neither will you go backward.  At least that’s what you think, because the reality is if you’re not moving forward, you are spiritually decaying. Spiritual atrophy… The slow, steady erosion of your spiritual muscles.  With no one there to challenge you, introduce you to new ways of thinking, or new ways of doing something.  You’ll slowly find yourself drifting back into the thinking and places that God has already delivered you from. You overcome this by arming yourself with an accurate view of the church.  The church is not a building, it is the people.  And among these people, there are some that are more mature and some that are less mature.  And maturity is gained by discipleship. So, the church is made up of disciples who are making other disciples.  And because of this open access the mask  of hypocrisy comes off. But as long as there is a void of transparent living and discipleship the culture of hypocrisy will continue. So, as you’re looking for a church, put them to the test. the only way you’ll know if they’re hypocrites is to engage with them outside of the church building and regular service.

Fear Number Three: Preachers Let You Down


Pastors Worldview

A 2004 study showed that 49% of Protestant pastors do not have a biblical worldview.  This means that you have roughly a 50-50 chance of walking into the average church in the United States and being misled, or worse. And then to further understand that Satan has systematically infiltrated the church for the sole purpose of misleading.  So, to that point preachers will let you down. But the fear that preaches will let you down stops Christians because it destroys a godly respect for authority.  And your individual responsibility to verify everything you’ve heard in your own Bible. You overcome this fear by understanding there are no lone rangers.  Everyone in any position of authority has a responsibility, but their responsibility does not excuse you from yours. So, by breaking free of the traditional model of blindly following the clergy.  And embracing the biblical model of receiving what they say as though it is the word of God but taking it back to your own Bible to corroborated then you put yourself in a position to not be misled or taken advantage of.


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  3. gratefulheart1

    This is very good! We should never just blindly follow for the sake of following. We must know the Word for ourselves, and contrast what we are being taught with the Word Of God. I think growing up with parents that did not go to church gives me a different view, and so when I came I was hungry to know God for myself. Some people see church as a ritual or a task to check-off of there to-do list. For me the church helps me to understand my purpose and it is where I learn and develop the skills I needed to live a daily Christian life.

    I really love your site and the substance you are providing. Blessings, D.Harris.

  4. covenantontherun

    Thank you. I did enjoy your writing and I do agree that it is these fears that will hold a person back from walking into all that Our Father has for them. Be bless my brother in Yeshua


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