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Are You Making These 5 Church mistakes
I remember what it was like when I first started out looking for a Church. Everyone made it seem effortless. But that wasn’t the case for me.

I was desperate for the truth, so I was always asking questions like “can you show me that in the Bible.” (which apparently offended many people who couldn’t validate their statements with scripture). And once I paid attention to how others found a church, I soon learned that they too were making the same mistakes.

I know if you’re a beginner I can almost guarantee you’re already making many of these mistakes. Or if not you will be making them soon. And once you make these mistakes, you will find out that finding a church can be expensive, time-consuming, and painful.

Unless you learn how to avoid these mistakes.

Finding the church is too crucial for trial and error. You don’t have time to learn the hard way as I did via the school of hard knocks. Instead, learn from my mistakes, keep reading…


Almost everyone I know who is serious about God ends up making this mistake. That’s because it appears to be biblical. If you give the great commission a cursory glance, it even seems logical. Turns out that’s wrong.

Christ commands us to preach the “Good News,” and make disciples.


I made this mistake for years, getting dressed up on Sunday morning to go to church. Let me save you from thinking the same thing. Instead of putting your time, energy, and money into a church building, try becoming the church instead. You’ll see much better results.


We count cars in the parking lot, behinds in seats, but is that… Fruit? Most people don’t even realize they’re making this mistake until it’s too late.

You can avoid this by taking everything you see and hear, to the Bible to see if it is true. Are disciples being made and are they being trained to do the same? Or is the entire congregation, mere spectators at someone else’s ministry?


If the conduct of professional clergy has blindsided you… Then you’ve made this mistake.

Satan has placed his ministers in pulpits, seminaries, and TV programs throughout the world. (First Corinthians 11).

Next time give everyone in authority proper respect but inspect their fruit. Make sure their lives and their words both line up with Scripture and see if you don’t get better results.


I’ve saved the best for last. That’s because the mistake of thinking the purpose of the church is worship is so prevalent and deeply rooted that many people would not have been able to make it until this point.

The common teaching that praise and worship are synonymous can have catastrophic implications. Praise, singing, clapping can all be a part of worship, but praise is almost free.

Worship requires everything, more accurately “death.” (Romans 12:1)

There is a considerable danger in using the same terminology but altering its meaning. Worship is an integral part of the life of the church, but praise is not a substitute for Biblical worship.

However, you can avoid the worship trap by understanding the professional concerts orchestrated today, are foreign to the Bible and the 1st-century church.

Disciple making is the mission of the church. and every time believers get together it is for training to carry out the mission of the church. (Ephesians ch 4)

Give yourself a pat on the back for watching this whole video. Because now you know the top five church mistakes and how to avoid them, you’ll be miles ahead of all the other unsuspecting church seekers who do not understand what to look for.

So, take this newfound knowledge and confidence and be the change this world needs.

Until the next time fight courageously, take action, and accomplish the impossible with God.


  1. Keith Mosher

    All great points. It is my opinion that if the church of the 1st century, after Jesus ascended was replaced with the American church of today… no one would know the name of Jesus. This is the crisis we face today. Can you imagine the 11 Apostles meeting up for 2 hours each Sunday to sing and eat, followed by maybe 2 hours of small group on Wednesday… then going back to their day jobs in between???!!! Where would we be today!? This is a hard truth that we must all answer for, because most of us live that life… of part time Christianity.

    I appreciate your words, and your ministry.
    Thank you.

    • Damien Parrott

      Absolutely Keith Mosher…I doubt the early Church would even recognize what we commonly call “Church”. But it’s also exciting to know that God only needs
      a few to be faithful in order to greatly impact the many.

  2. Path Without End

    I love it when I find a site like yours. The very reason I find myself building a teepee and starting a ministry at my parent’s farm is because I could no longer stand what we call church here in America. I’ve been in several. I’m 62 years old and not a beginner in the Christian life. I couldn’t find peace and it kept getting more uncomfortable. But no one else seemed to have my problem, so it finally forced me to create what I see in scripture and feel in my heart. You seem to have a very similar take on our modern church. I expect I’ll be reading a lot of what you have to say. And thanks for visiting “Path Without End”.

    • Damien Parrott

      Bless the Lord, God always keeps a remnant. Be encouraged because there are thousands who have left the building…

  3. Gary Fultz

    When we uprooted to a place where we knew nobody, we looked for a church. After checking out a few we knew we had to commit this to the Lord and let Him guide us to where we should belong, grow, be open to doing our part in the body life and have a bathroom equipped to handle a very handicapped physically but lovely and bright adult daughter. Only one church had that kind of bathroom (small town in the sticks). We felt a peace about going to a church different than us and found people who loved the Lord, brought Jesus into their work place, and were tackling the common weakness of the “one anothers” in scripture. Bottom line is we were open to where God wanted to plant us and willing to grow into whatever ministry he might guide us into (in and outside the church walls). thanks for sharing good insights.

    • Damien Parrott

      It is a true joy to fellowship with the Saints of God, and I’m glad you were able to find a local body of believers to grow with.

  4. benjbensing

    Thank you, Pastor Damien for this timely and very relevant admonition. I am also a worker in God’s vineyard here in Tripoli, Libya. I am deeply encouraged by your blog.


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