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Damien Parrott here. Author of the bestselling book “5 deadly church mistakes every Christian must avoid”. I help serious followers of Christ identify and walk in their purpose in under 45 days so they can transition from “going,” to church and start “Be-ing,” the church.
Do you want to know the three simple steps every beginner needs to grow spiritually without wasting time and energy?

Step number one; respond to the gospel

Many people erroneously believe that their unbelieving friends should come to church to be introduced the gospel. And that is a preacher’s job to introduce them to this life-changing message. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The church is equivalent to a family, and unless you’re born in married and or adopted in, you aren’t family. So, any of your efforts to find a church will be thwarted if you have not responded to the gospel. And this message can be found in first Corinthians chapter 15.

Jesus died for your sins according to the Scripture, he was buried and rose again on the third day also according to the Scripture.
This step is necessary because without your belief in this vital message there is no salvation. And if there is no salvation than it does not matter the programs, people, or anything that you will find in any church, it will have minimal impact on you.

So, my number one tip for you in your search of the church is to make sure that they can clearly and accurately articulate the gospel. And if they can’t, if their fuzzy, your search continues because they are not the one.

Step number two: follow mature believer

Many people both saved a sinner like are familiar with the term the great commission. However, what is often overlooked is that the great commission is a command to make disciples. Disciple making is the mission of the church.

But in many places the church that Christ died for has been replaced by an organization rather than an organism in this organization produces “hypocrites.” Because the organization focuses on keeping a separation between the clergy and the laity. So, all of these people live a closeted Christian life.

This is not what we see in any of the biblical accounts. We see the man Christ Jesus telling his disciples to follow him. And along the way, as he opened his life to them there were teachable moments. In which they got the opportunity to not only learn the spoken word but to see it acted out.
This step is vital to you because without it you are only receiving one-quarter of the training that you need to succeed.

Here is some advice to help you become a better disciple.

1) pride will get you nowhere
2) being a disciple does not make you weak or inferior

So, in your endeavors to find a church, specifically look for a mature believer that will give you access to themselves. If the church only consists of a Sunday service and a midweek Bible study, keep looking.

Step number three: invite others to follow

We’ve already uncovered that the church has one overriding mission, and that is to make disciples. And if you’re not actively engaged in the mission of the church wouldn’t you have to ask yourself the question, “are you a part of the church”?

This step is vital to your growth because of the 83,000 Christian denominations on the planet, they all have their particular slant view or pet doctrine. But your value to God is greater than your specific denomination or your financial contribution. Honestly it’s even more valuable than your individual spiritual gift.

This step is also important because it is the only way to actively reach the lost.

Now that you got the beginner steps for finding a church I might invite you to take the next step and get my free resource “five tips to avoid counterfeit church.”
So, until the next time fight courageously, take action, and accomplish the impossible with God.

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